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Hello! I'm Elisabeth, and I'm absolutely thrilled to have you here. As the founder of IC Wellness, I wear multiple hats - an author, recipe creator, devoted wife, mother, and proud grandmother. Beyond that, I find joy in traveling, immersing myself in books, crafting delicious dishes, and cherishing quality time with my family. But, one of my deepest passions lies in empowering others to reclaim their well-being and embrace the vibrant lives they were destined for.

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My Story

In 2006, I was handed a diagnosis that changed the course of my life - severe interstitial cystitis. It became evident that the medical community had only limited insights and solutions for this challenging condition. Through a decade-long struggle, I grappled with unrelenting pain and sought answers within alternative remedies, ultimately unearthing a route to reclaim my health.

In this personal odyssey, I meticulously reshaped my dietary and lifestyle choices, integrating high-quality supplements while observing my body's responses. Though it involved a process of trial and error, gradual steps led me to reverse even the most severe IC symptoms.

From these experiences and years of dedicated research, I've gained a profound comprehension of the pivotal roles that diet and lifestyle play in overall health and vitality. I know intimately about the bewildering and agonizing nature of interstitial cystitis symptoms, and I'm here as a source of unwavering support. My passion is to share insights, address queries, encourage and guide individuals in uncovering the underlying causes of their struggles, and assist them in forming a purposeful plan of action.

Kindly note that my services come with a consultation fee due to the high demand I've experienced. While I am not a licensed healthcare professional, I strongly recommend that you delve into my publications and collaborate with knowledgeable healthcare providers, a pelvic physical therapist, and nutritionists to forge a comprehensive strategy for your health journey. Together, let's pave the way towards optimal wellness.


Feel free to reach out to me if you're seeking guidance, have questions, or are ready to embark on your path to wellness.

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