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I'm Brianne, a registered dietitian and integrative and functional nutritionist. Apart from my work, I relish my roles as a wife and mother, finding immense fulfillment in the company of my family. The spirit of adventure often leads me to travel, and my love for cooking shines through as I experiment with various culinary creations. What fuels my passion is my unwavering belief in the remarkable ability of food to nurture the body and safeguard its well-being.

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My Story

Growing up, I was active and participated in a variety of sports, but my diet was far from nourishing, and I was fairly overweight. When I joined the high school swim team, my coach stressed the importance of nutrition for athletic performance, and I began changing my diet. After seeing a dramatic improvement in my times, I realized first-hand the powerful influence diet has on our lives and health. This experience not only encouraged me to fuel and nourish my body with quality food daily but also led me to pursue a career as a dietitian.

I have worked as a clinical dietitian in Southern Wisconsin since 2014, and in 2017, I earned my Master of Science (MS) in Integrative and Functional Nutrition (IFN). As an integrative and functional nutritionist, I am trained to identify and remove barriers that prevent healing and address the underlying cause of a number of illnesses. My recommendations involve many aspects of health, including diet, physical activity, hydration, stress management, sleep, hygiene, supplements, and various mind-body therapies to promote healing and optimal health. Each plan is tailored to a client’s specific needs, preferences, and daily life, making the lifestyle changes realistic and maintainable. I specialize in whole-person, individualized care and incorporate numerous integrative therapies to support overall wellness and vitality.


I'm excited to collaborate with you through consultations, bringing my expertise to the table as we work together towards your health and wellness goals.

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