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Indulge in ultimate comfort and relaxation with our cozy pink chair bathed in warm, soothing light.


Dedicated to helping others in their battle with interstitial cystitis. Discover how to restore balance to your body and live with intention. Each episode will dive deep into diet, lifestyle, mindset, and living your best life. 

Recently on IC Wellness

Our episodes feature esteemed experts who generously impart guidance and insights, creating enriching conversations on the IC Wellness Podcast.


5 Things to Consider When Choosing a PT

Dr. Amy Bock is a licensed physical therapist who dedicates her practice to the treatment of PFD 


Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

Sula Windgassen is a Health Psychologist, specializing in mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a published author.


Exploring the Endo-IC Connection

Jandra Mueller, DPT, MS, is a pelvic health physical therapist  as well as an integrative health nutritionist and an Endometriosis warrior.


The Secret To Reversing IC Symptoms 

Julie Hager from Inside Out Wellness is an integrative nutrition and functional medicine health coach. Having lived with IC for four decades, she managed to achieve remission by identifying its root causes.

Nicole Treatment #3 (Compressed)_edited.jpg

The Pelvic Floor's

Impact on IC

Dr. Nicole Cozean, founder of Pelvic Sanity clinic and author of "The Interstitial Cystitis Solution," explores the pelvic floor's significance in IC.


A Homeopathic

Approach To IC

Dr. Nazanin Vassighi, ND shares insights on adopting a homeopathic healing approach for IC.

About the Hostess

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Hi, I'm Elisabeth Yaotani


A health enthusiast driven by my transformative journey. Confronted with an interstitial cystitis (IC) diagnosis at 29, I embarked on a relentless pursuit of solutions.


Following a decade-long struggle, I embarked on a profound journey of research and exploration that led me to the transformative world of functional medicine. Through this path, I not only achieved remission from Interstitial Cystitis but also found the inspiration to establish IC Wellness and author insightful books like 'How I Got My Life Back: My Journey with Interstitial Cystitis.' My mission is to share this knowledge and empower others to take control of their health.


Let's embark on your path to

transformation together.

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