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The 10-Day IC Reset Cookbook is a low-oxalate and low-histamine cookbook 


Is this diet right for you?


Are you struggling to figure out the proper elimination diet for you? You may want to consider a low-histamine + low-oxalate diet to relieve your IC symptoms. Research has found significantly greater histamine levels in the urine of those with IC and the over-expression or significant elevation of all four histamine receptors in the bladder. When histamine binds to these receptors, it induces inflammation and hypersensitivity of the bladder to distension, which increases sensory input and activation in the spinal cord.


Histamine intolerance results from an accumulation of histamine and the inability to break it down. Our mast cells also release histamine to modulate various immunological responses, and research has found that mast cells are often increased in the bladder tissue of those with IC.


Oxalates are naturally occurring molecules found in plants, and many plant foods are high in oxalates. For some people, this can cause a problem as they travel through the digestive tract and bind with calcium, magnesium, and or potassium. Too much oxalate can lead to oxalate intolerance, contributing to a number of health problems. Though there is limited research on oxalates and IC, some studies found that oxalates can aggravate chronic inflammatory conditions (such as IC) and irritate those with vulvodynia.


A low oxalate and low histamine diet have proven to help reduce symptoms for some people with IC. It is vital to work with an experienced nutritionist to correctly identify food triggers, as restrictive diets can lead to nutrient deficiencies that exacerbate the root causes of IC. For support with personalizing your diet, don’t hesitate to contact Brianne Thornton, MS, RD, directly at IC Wellness.


This cookbook includes a 10-day meal plan, grocery list, recipes, exercise guide, and daily self-care practices to help you completely reset your body. Each recipe is also IC-friendly! Reset your health and lifestyle today with this digital cookbook.

10-Day IC Reset

  • Digital Format 

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