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Navigating meal preparation with interstitial cystitis can feel overwhelming, but a new path to holistic well-being awaits! Author Elisabeth Yaotani and nutritionist Brianne Thornton, MS, RD, have teamed up to bring you 70+ nutritious and delectable recipes meticulously crafted to cater to clean eating and optimum health for IC and autoimmunity concerns.


Each recipe has been thoughtfully chosen to address interstitial cystitis (IC) while establishing a bedrock for enhanced health. We offer a substitution list for tailored tastes and unique requirements, ensuring customization for each dish – a convenient culinary solution.


Our approach zeroes in on the root cause and curbs immune system triggers. Research consistently underscores inflammation's role in disease, emphasizing the need to nourish our immune system with nutrient-rich foods for a balanced equilibrium.


By honing in on dietary and lifestyle cues, we decode issues, take action, and rekindle immune strength, fostering vitality and health.


Cookbook Highlights:

  • 70+ delectable anti-inflammatory recipes
  • Free from Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar


Transitioning is seamless. Embrace clean eating – prioritizing whole organic fare, abundant fruits, and veggies. Unveil the effects of processed and refined foods, notably detrimental refined sugars, on your body.

While clean eating sets the foundation, we acknowledge that individual inflammation triggers vary. Our recipes exclude gluten, conventional dairy, and refined sugars – often culprits for many.


Interstitial cystitis shouldn't curb culinary delight! Reclaim flavor in your diet. Lay the cornerstone for wellness, embarking on your journey to counter IC symptoms.


"The Complete IC Diet Cookbook" also encompasses:

  • Product recommendations for clean eating
  • Ingredient substitution list for recipe personalization
  • Meal prep and shopping guide
  • IC Diet Protocol
  • Supplement guide
  • Wellness-boosting tea suggestions


Seize your copy of "The Complete IC Diet Cookbook," heralding a new chapter in your journey toward reclaiming a vibrant life!

The Complete IC Diet Cookbook

SKU: 364215375135191
Color: White
  • 127 pages with over 70 recipes plus bonus material. Black and white interitor. 

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